Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Lively Additions in the Shop!

Happy Thursday!

I've been working this past week on updating not only the blog (how do you like the new look!?) but also updating the Lively Happenings Etsy Shop with some new designs!

Here's a little preview of the new beauties!

New Silk Wrap Hand Stamped Designs! $30-$35

New Hair ties in Valentine's Day and Zoo Day! $5

New Pearl + Bow Earrings, perfect for you or your bridal party!  Only $15/pair!

And coming to the shop later today, new Raw Diamond Rings!  Yes, those are tiny raw diamonds!  If you like the sparkle of the druzies in the shop, you'll love the shine of these raw diamonds! $36

I also have two beautiful new headband styles that are less of workout gear, and more of a 'let me throw my hair up quickly and beauituflly'. These headbands are perfect for your styling needs! Wear it as a boho crown. Put is as a regular headband. Wear your hair up and wrap it around your bun or just wear as a headband. Put this on as a 'crown' and then tuck ends of hair up and into the elastic on the back, you can tuck it all in or leave some of it out!  I seriously LOVE THESE HEADBANDS!  The rhinestone one comes in gold and silver!  All are a standard length of 20in. $15-$35

Well I think that's a wrap!  I hope you enjoy the pictures of all these new items!  Everything shown is under $39, many things much less than that!  So go check out the shop, see if there's something you like:  Lively Happenings

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