Sunday, September 4, 2016

12 Weeks Pregnant Baby #2

This has been a pretty great week full of lots of fun for Braelyn, our first little sweetie!

She and I met some mommas and did a toddler led hike on Monday, had brunch with a friend at one of our favorite spots, Wild Eggs, on Tuesday, we went to the Zoo both Wednesday (to see animals) and Thursday (to play in the water park), and Friday she had her FIRST day of Mother's Day Out, so I had my first official work day since I've been a stay at home mom!  It was a truly fun filled week!!!

In terms of our next little, this one feels like it has certainly popped even more over the last week!  I'm less comfortable at night and already took out the 'bean pillow' momma's you might know what that is...those GINORMOUS pillows that you surround yourself with - ahh I love mine!  I have this pillow and got this cover for it with our first pregnancy and love it!!

How far along: 12ish

Gender: Not sure

Weight gain: same weight (118.9 starting weight, then lost 3 pounds as I completed a program, promptly put that weight back on once I found out I was indeed pregnant - hello carb cravings and have maintained it)

Working Out:  This past week's workouts are listed below. I was having trouble thinking what I was doing with P90X3 wasn't good for me, but I think that was because, at the time, I was VERY tired. So I am still listening to my body, doing what feels best and going from there.

Clothing Choices:  I wore my maternity shorts this week and I did end up having to hair tie another pair of shorts together when those were dirty.

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones ;)

Belly button: Semi-outy already.

Sleep: I am sleeping about 7 hours each night and typically take a nap every other day, but I am noticing that with some naps I'm waking up more groggy/tired.

Best moment this week:  I REALLY REALLY enjoyed my Shakes again, I even like a flavor now that I used to not like hardly at all, vanilla!

Hardest moment this week: I played a lot with Braelyn, even taking her to the moon twice and that was hard because I was just really tired, but because I had spent the morning out with her, I didn't get my work done until late that night after she was asleep bc I required a nap when she napped. That balancing game is getting tougher.

What I’m missing:  nothing - probably because this time I'm not like 'oh you cannot eat an over medium egg, or you cannot eat sushi" I'm just more lenient (I really only like mostly cooked sushi anyway!)

Movement: None felt for certain. 

Cravings: still ice cream WITH hot fudge and sushi 🍦🍣😂

Queasy or sick: Thankfully none, I really am thinking my very short bout of nausea is over!

Looking forward to: A fresh week ahead

This weeks workouts have included:

  • Monday - P90X3 Eccentric Upper
  • Tuesday - Country Heat
  • Wednesday - The 20's workout from BOD + Zoo Walking
  • Thursday - BOD 3 Week Yoga Retreat + Zoo Walking
  • Friday - P90X3 Eccentric Lower
  • Saturday - just yard work, we planted some new plants!
  • Sunday - haven't decided yet!

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