Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Months Old

Okay, okay, I dropped the ball again, Braelyn is actually 5 3/4 months old today and I'm JUST NOW getting to her post!  Oopsies!

Braelyn Updates
How Old:  5 Months
Medical Updates:  She had an impromptu appointment on the 3rd of February bc I was feeling like crap and wanted to make sure Braelyn was okay too bc she had been coughing some and she weighed 13 lbs 8 oz  lbs and they didn't measure her height, but I know she has to be at least an inch taller than last time (25.75 inches) because she can really touch the ground in her bouncer and bounces bounces bounces! She hasn't been coughing as badly lately (thank goodness) and seems to be doing very well medically other than some eczema which we are treating by putting on lotion 2-3 times a day.  Daycare is putting it on her head daily as needed too.
Sleep: We started a new 'sleep training' method when Braelyn reached 4 1/2 months. We were having issue where we would go to console her when she cried and her cries would get worse and turn to screams. She could go for hours doing this on and off...or just on... And it was TERRIBLE.  I consulted the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and took some of the guidance of Dr. Weissbluth, and it's worked wonders for use and Braelyn.  She's sleeping so well at night, only waking once to feed.  I am truly blessed.  She doesn't nap well, so we are still working on that one...
Clothing/Diapers:  After finding she had eczema issues, I washed all of Braelyn's 3-6 month + clothes in a different detergent and put away anything that was 0-3 months.   
As for as cloth diapers, we are still really enjoying them.  Right around the 5 month mark, I did notice her night time diapers (Bumgenius Freetimes) were starting to smell.  It wasn't until 5 1/2 months (this past week) that I changed up diaper washing routines per Fluff Love and CD University tips. I'm currently obsessing over this diaper and am praying the seller will make more bc I really want this cover lol.
Milestones:  She has semi rolled from her back to her side, but not all the way to the belly.  She will push up on her arms when she's on her belly. She LOVES to grab at things and hold toys. I can hand her something and ask her to hold it and walk around the house with her holding something...this past week when I was sick, I had her hold the empty neti pot - haha! I'm sure it's just coincidence and she won't always do that, but it was helpful because I was then able to grab my water cup and tea mug! 

Mommy Updates
Postpartum: 5 Months
WeightRight around pre-pregnancy weight.
Waist/belly I'm working on toning my core back up. I started working out normally and doing ab workouts and then I realized my belly was looking bigger...well I thought that with diastatis recti, I only needed to be concerned if my ab gap was BIGGER than 2 finger widths.  Mine was right about 1 1/2 and then 5 fingers vertical.  And that's not meaning that it's okay to workout as normal again. So I bought the Knocked Up Fitness Postpartum DVD and am going to do that and focus on getting my abs back together.
Best moments as a new mom:  She's sleeping again!  Neal and I were seriously thrilled when we got her to sleep in her crib and 'through' the night with one waking to nurse!
Hardest moments as a new mom:  When she cries.  I truly hate when she cries. Especially in the car. Sometimes, I feel bad for her, then sometimes I think...okay she just had a diaper change, just had some food, she has to stay in her carseat because I'm driving...STOP, just STOP crying!  Other than her crying in the car, she's normally easy to console, just pick her up and she'll stop crying.  I'm not sure if that's 'good' but hey, it works for me, I'm okay with it.

And some photos from the month of January where she went from 4 months to officially 5 months on February 1st :)

My favorite of us this past month:

This one makes daddy proud :) 

I love this sequence (this was my food, but she's looking with amazement...she's about ready to start some food other than mama milk!)

From pissed off, to happy :)

One of my favorite little outfits this past month :)

Learning to love the workout mat, like mommy :)
Lastly, baby wearing, the way I can get most stuff done!


  1. Good for you for getting sleep! I have a little one about the same age (born 9/3) and am desperate for sleep! She can not even go 1 hour at a time, and that is only if she is being held. Working full time with little to no sleep is not working for me, to say the least! We have tried the Ferber gradual extinction method last night and she cried for one hour and 37 minutes. I gave in at that point and just held her in bed. Would you mind sharing your experience a little more? How long did your training work? How long did she cry the first night? And please assure me that there is light at the end of the tunnel :) Thank you!

    1. Ellie, sorry I'm just now responding - this last week was BONKERS with work stress. I will assure you that for use it has gotten easier. Now, do not get me wrong there are some nights that she still cries. Most of the time she will go down without fussing, and then cry a few minutes later for 10 min or so. However, there are some nights (1-2 a month) where she will cry for 30+ minutes. Last night, she went for an hour 15 minutes bc she didn't take a single nap all day for us. So she was WAY overtired - but she slept through the night once she stopped crying. Those longer cries do not happen often to us, but truest me I know how it is in wanting to go in and comfort, but I did not, and I'm glad I didn't in the long run. And we ended up doing full extinction (Dr. Weissbluth) rather than gradual extinction. Unless she's is sick to where she's thrown up during the day time (which hasn't happened yet), I do not go into her room until she's put her self to sleep and woken up for her nighttime nursing. It is SO hard, but I really think it's been what we have needed for her. I have cried and my husband just tells me no, don't ruin what we've got going, and sure enough by the time I'm about ready to go in there, she's about 5 min away from stopping her crying. The first few nights consisted of over an hour and a half of crying, and then it got better - last night was a rare one for us since starting this method. Now, every baby is different in their needs, some just aren't self soothers. You know you baby best, and if they need you, you will know. I totally suggest a support system - whether it's dad, your own parents, a best friend...anyone that will help YOU out by telling you over and over again how you are helping your child learn and that YOU are a good parent...that's what has helped me. I could not do this without my husband. One thing I tell myself is when she is 3 and wants another ice cream after dinner, I'm going to tell her no...she may cry and cry but she can't have extra desserts all the time. When she starts riding her bike, I'm going to tell her she must wear a helmet...I'm not going to care if she cries and cries about having to do so. I'm teaching her limits and helping her to be healthier in the long run. Those are the things I tell myself when it's hardest :) Best of luck Momma! I know exactly how hard this is!