Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Why You Want Your Husband to Workout With You

Okay, so I'm really writing this for my own benefit. I REALLY want Neal to workout with me.

One big problem...Sleep....

Okay two big problems...Braelyn & sleep.

Neal loves to sleep in. He hits that alarm clock 3 or 4 times before getting up. So he sleeps in, makes a quick shake in the morning and works out after work.  Some mornings, I love to sleep in too.  Those mornings, I'll say it's normally because I was up with Braelyn, or I am honestly feeling like poo <like earlier this week when my sinuses were full and my head was in a fog>.  So

I, on the other hand, love to get up early.  Well I don't love it, I'm just at my most productive in the morning.  I like to get out of bed, do a little self talk (yes, I tell myself happy affirmations) and then get a workout in.  I really don't like waiting until the early evenings because that's just so far away and I need the energy so I can care for Braelyn.

So we workout at two different times of the day.  Me in the morning, Neal after he's home from work.

I want Neal to be a morning workout person.  Get it done before the baby wakes up and then get on with the day.

But I get it, I don't have to drive anywhere or be attentive by a certain time, well except when Braelyn wakes up, then I need to be attentive whether that's 4am or 7am. Ha!

However, I think if on the weekends, we could make our workouts jive together, that would be awesome on my book!  And even if we aren't physically working out together during the work week, it's still SUPER nice to know that we each are getting our endorphin's lifted from a good workout.  Seriously sometimes Neal is crazy hyper after his crazy, bounce off wall, making Brae into an airplane and flying her around the house, teasing me because by this point I'm so ready for night nights and hitting the couch!

But anyways, here's some of what I've found about working out together.  Some of it is personal experience (I used to hit the gym with Neal ALL the time before we had Braelyn) and some of it is what I read about because I just want Neal to be on my side and workout WITH me more...maybe even ONE morning a work week - gasp! ;)

  1.  Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal - bow chica wow wow
  2. We 'mimic' eachother's moves or pace, which then creates a bond, this nonverbal form of communication pulls at our emotions which makes that bond
  3. I personally always feel happier with Neal after a workout we've done together, whereas honestly sometimes if I'm working out and he's sleeping...I'm resentful because I think, man I'd like to sleep but then I'd never workout.
  4. He makes me workout harder. A partner will push you to do another rep, or go up in weight. You'll try to 'show off' sometimes though - so there's that boundary
  5. Okay Neal, if those don't get you....there's LOTS of studies that show working out together brings more sex into the relationship - BOOM! Nailed it!
...or maybe he doesn't want to workout with me so we don't make another one like below when I was preggers and worked out with him all the time....hmmm

What else can I add to my list to convince the hubs to workout with me (in the morning!) :)

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