Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Braelyn's 10 Months Old!

Braelyn Updates
How Old:  10 Months
Medical Updates:  Weight: Height:
Sleep: She likes her sleep for the most part,  but we still had a handful of days this past month that she barely napped. She typically wakes around 6:30 for the day with a nap around 9 and another at 1. Each nap (on a good day) is 1 + hour. I do have her stay in her room for the first full hour because sometimes she wakes around 30 minutes,  makes a little fuss, and then falls back asleep for another hour.
Clothing/Diapers:  She's wearing 9 or 12 month clothed. We are still using cloth diapers.  We've moved onto a larger prefold that I fold and pin. This is helping to prevent leaks.
Milestones:  She pulls up to standing all the time.  She doesn't even need both hands! She also ssys Dada, sometimes Mama, abd waves with a grin if you ask her to day hi :)  She eats lots of different foods...I swear she eats better than I do.  She eats oatmeal, quinoa, rice, avocado, sweet potato, golden potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots, blueberries, apricots, banana, pears, peaches, plain organic yogurt, grapes, oranges, organic plain cheerios, and ground turkey.  She pretty much self feeds now.  I really like this because it allows her to learn how to pick small pieces of food up, chew, and heck I can be in the kitchen getting my food ready while she's next to me feeding herself.  She also has 6 teeth, 2 on top and 4 on bottom.  I also think she may have another coming in on top.

Mommy Updates
Postpartum: 10 Months
Weight: Under pre-pregnancy, but I'm working on getting muscle back, nutrition up, and some weight gained.
Waist/belly: With my diastasis recti under control and healed, I am now working on toning the stomach. I've not had defined abs since like middle school. I can have a flat stomach, or one with a little 'pop' if I have juat eaten. This has been what my stomach is like for so long,  I don't know if I'll get super defined abs (Neal doesn't like a 6 pack on women anyway - few!) I do notice that after toys last workout program I did for the past 3 weeks, I have a bit of that lower cut, which is cool!
Best moments as a new mom:  Her tickle giggles!  I just love them!  And she always laughs at me if I'm working out and jumping or making exasperated noises - those anyone might find funny!
Hardest moments as a new mom:  Working from home and having her with me all day makes it hard to sometimes feel like I'm doing a good enough job at either being a mom or building my business.  I've gotten better about scheduling my time during her naps to focus on either Lively Happenings or Coaching, but sometimes it's hard to get all the work I'd like done if her naps are short or if I just have a lot of LH orders. I now just need to be content with what I can do and put the rest to bed for the day, coming back to it the next day.

And of course, some more photos!

She stands ALL the time now :)

These were from our trip to the Zoo at the Splash Pad and the Sea Lion Show just sipping her water :)

 Yes, she always wants to feed herself now...her favorite is banana...do not attempt to take away a banana.

She's just trying to help me with some Lively Happenings orders :)

Braelyn attended Natalie's rehearsal dinner!

First Father's Day! 

The girls of this family! 

Her look during stroller rides...priceless! 

Making a mess with her toys of course. 

 Enjoying the geese and the pond nearby the house!

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