Wednesday, June 3, 2015

9 Months Old Baby Braelyn's 3/4 of a Year!

Braelyn Updates
How Old:  9 Months
Medical Updates:  She weighs about 17.4 lbs and I don't have her height because I keep forgetting to take it...doy! (was 16.8 at 8 months & 28 inches at 8 months)
Sleep: Well this one has changed month by month.  When she was 7 months, in April, she was sleeping like a champ until we 'moved' to the apartment in Louisville.  She was then sleeping in a pack n play and had to re-adjust.  At 8 months, during the month of May, she was finally taking naps, except for a few days when she cut teeth.  She would take 45 min - 2 hour naps two times a day.  We've been on a semi-schedule where she wakes up and a little less than 2 hours later, is ready for a nap.  After that nap, it's about 3 hours later and she's ready for another nap.  Then between 5:30 - 6 we start going through 'night night' routine with a meal, bath, milk & cuddles.  She typically goes down around 7 and was staying asleep until just after midnight for some milk & cuddles and then getting up around 6/6:30.  VERY recently, she's pushed back to getting up around 2am and then closer to 7am.  Back in the early 7 month range though, she was sleeping THROUGH the night - like completely 6:30 PM - 7 was awesome. *sigh*
Clothing/Diapers:  She's wearing her 9 month + clothes with an exception of a few 3-6 month pieces that are tops only  We are still using cloth diapers.  Instead of pinning them, around 8.5 months I was able to start tri-folding them.  We haven't moved into the next size up yet in the prefolds.  I am going to try to extend the life of these original ones for as long as I can I think.
Milestones:  Around month 7 she began to roll from her back to her stomach.  Then around 7.5 months, she was scooting.  Now at 9 months she's certainly crawling and even very recently began pulling herself up from sitting to standing.  She eats lots of different foods...I swear she eats better than I do.  She eats oatmeal, quinoa, avocado (doesn't love it but tolerates it), sweet potato, golden potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots, blueberries, apricots, banana, pears, peaches, and just the other day I introduced plain organic yogurt.  I am making all of her foods. I'm currently pureeing them, but she's gotten that pincer grasp going well and will grab foods if they drop on her tray.  She also has FOUR teeth, 1 on top and 3 on bottom.  I just saw the 3rd on bottom for the first time today, I had NO idea it was coming in!  I think I see another on bottom coming gin and possibly the other top one coming in!

Mommy Updates
Postpartum: 9 Months
Weight: Right around pre-pregnancy weight.
Waist/belly My diastasis recti is under control for what I need to feel comfortable working out.  I've learned how to engage my core.  I don't feel separation if I am engaging my core and still have about the same amount of separation I had at 6 month, 1 finger.  My coach told me that could possibly just be my norm, but I never tested it before pregnancy to know for certain.
Best moments as a new mom:  Her saying 'Dada' around 8.5 moths is pretty cool. I'm not sure how much she associates it with Neal at this time.  She's super talkative and will now interact more with myself and others, clapping and waving and just talking away!
Hardest moments as a new mom:  Moving with a baby is tough. So just being patient and realizing I will not be able to get all that I want done because I'm on her schedule is sometimes hard for me as I'm a go getter - I want it done now.  So learning to slow down and take everything in smaller steps is my challenge.

And here's some pictures from months 7 & 8!
Rolling Machine

Goofy Faces :)

 Helping Momma Work on Lively Happenings orders!

Our little fashinista!  I love this hat (from Target) Leggings are from Baby Leggings and Sunglasses from Potter Barn Kids.

Meeting our friends Emily, David and Josephine!!!

Hanging out with Grandma Kim and our friend Dane! Yes, she wanted his beer bottle!

 This is her expression seeing animals at the zoo on my 27th birthday...she's not impressed. Ha!

Family at the zoo!!!

Grandmother's gifts for Mother's Day made at Louisville Diaper Fairy Cottage!

Us on Mother's Day!  I'm seriously so lucky!!!

She helped us unpack the house in Louisville ;) 



  1. I love this so much I could cry! Seriously, this post has made my day. I am so proud of you and the mother you are. That little girl is just as lucky to have you as you are to have her. Love you both and can't wait to see you soon. <3

    1. I heart you Natalie :) You are too sweet! We're looking forward to seeing you as well :)